About SpotMe

SpotMe is the best iPhone app and web service for sharing expenses in groups. With just a few taps on your iPhone or a few clicks on the website, you can add friends to a group and split bills as you travel, live or work together.

Your friends are notified of new expenses, and everyone can see their balance with other members of a SpotMe group. When you or your friends are ready, you can settle up with just one click.

SpotMe automatically keeps track of everyone's payments in a group, and also, between you and your friends as you lend to or borrow from each other. No more silly road-trip spreadsheets or awkward personal reminders!

Get all the following features in an easy to use application:

  • Easily split bills in groups with just a few finger taps.
  • Add friends directly from your address book or by typing an email address.
  • Facebook integration for fast account setup.
  • Automatic email notifications helping you and your friends know when new bills are added.
  • Quickly view balances for groups and friends.
  • Send automatic email reminders.
  • Split bills evenly or by using custom amounts.
  • Lend to or borrow from individual friends in the same super-easy interface.
  • Settle up your balances in a group or with a person with just one tap.
  • Add photos! You can add pictures for groups, people profiles and transactions.
  • Access SpotMe anywhere and anytime, through your phone or desktop.

SpotMe is a must-have app for groups and friends on the go. It is simple, beautiful, helpful and fun.

Our team is located in Palo Alto, California and includes seasoned entrepreneurs and awesome engineers. Please email us your questions and feedback to support@getspotme.com.